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Anonymous sent: Where did you get your alpacas?


All of mine except for two—Midori and Kichi—were from Rosy’s Garden.

Kichi (pink boy with orange scarf) was a gift, and is a fake—from my understanding, my friend got him at a con she went to. I feel so bad because she was trying so hard to find authentic ones, and was told to believed Kichi was authentic. BUT I still love him all the same!

Midori (bright green) I purchased him from lovelyarpakasso. I’m not sure if she’s selling any right now, though. If she sells, it’s from her personal collection. Both Rosy and lovelyarpakasso are sweethearts! And both are reputable sellers, meaning they sell authentic Amuse brand Arpakasso. 

I also have a list of other sellers HERE on my arpakasso forum. I think you may have to create an account to see them, though. If that’s the case, here is another list from fuckyeaharpakasso Who is also a sweetheart! 

Hope this helped! xoxox! Happy shopping! 

Thank you for the mention! But the truth is YOU are the sweetheart! c:

Today we welcomed a new member of the family!
Thank you to Rosy for the most wonderful Rainbow! c:
If you love Arpakasso/Alpacasso then go visit Rosy’s Garden Storenvy now!

15 shipped

15 shipped

Gary with Rainbow-paca (๑>ᴗ<๑)