Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake

Agent of Love and Beauty, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Venus! In the name of Love, I will punish you!

inspired by kuriko’s cute sailor alpacas >u< also to celebrate my newest tumblr milestone~~
Anonymous sent: Hello, I have a question about an alpacasso I've been wanting to buy, and I was wondering if it's real or not ^^ here's the link ; www(.)ebay(.)com(.)au/itm/181515460268 Thank you! ( Take out the brackets for the link ! )

Hi there! Checks out to me! :)

Made these DIY Donut Erasers and my alpacas had an afternoon snack!

Time for a date~~ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

I’ve done that kit too! XD It was fun~

OMG Yooooo! I want!!! *^*
I want them all!!! The white one look like kid boy version of the deluxe baby *^* And the blue ahhhhh!!!

Bei Jr. looks so adorable!

i really want to get this app *o*!!! android only:
Anonymous sent: your guides are really helpful!! thank you~

Aww thank you for the compliment! I really need to update them though @__@;;