Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake
Shoyu Ramen @ Mike’s Noodle House in NYC
Snacks in Manhattan.  Thank you to everyone who answered my question about Alpacasso in NYC! ♥ I couldn’t find any myself but I brought this guy on the trip just in case c:
Arpakasso in New York?

Does anyone know if there are Arpakasso in New York anywhere? I went to Kinokuniya today but there were none to be found!


Took Derek into Tokyo today on a date. Purikura happened.


Cleaning my large alpacas takes so long!! \(´;ω;`\ ) My poor jumbo babies are buried under alpaca booties…..
Anonymous sent: Are alpacasso's from this store legit? www(.)jbox(.)com/product/KWE119

I looked at the Alpacasso and I’m fairly certain (correct me if I’m wrong anyone) that those are Amuse alpacas. They don’t post pictures of the tags but the dimensions listed are correct. Has anyone bought from jbox before and can say?