Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake

OMO… So sweet *///////////* <3

Some of my followers asked me about the different blues of blue alpacassos. So i hv took this pic as a reference for ppl who wants to know. This picture hasnt gone through any editing. From what i see the snk and rainbow they are totally identical except the snk has the cape. Soda stands out the most coz the blue is totally unique. #Arpakasso #alpacasso #amuse #rosysgarden #rosy61987 #cute #blue #kawaii #plush toys #tutorial


I am sorry that I have to post this.. But from the very beginning I have tried to help people differentiating between fake and authentic plush, but now…. I feel used and abused. There have been people who have used me to get full refunds from fake sellers, while keeping the fake plush (as main…

This. Please please please don’t abuse sellers and others in the tumblr community for your own advantage. Rosy is a kind person who genuinely likes to help others but you can’t use that information for selfish gain. Be a responsible person. Rosy is a human being, not a service.


Dear friends, my wedding was a big success. I am back home but I wasn’t able to fix my computer today. I am going to either borrow a friend’s or go to an Internet cafe tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. Julia

Wow congratulations!
Anonymous sent: I was wondering about what all the sizes genuine alpacassos come in...

Hi there! The alpacas so come in these general sizes, which may vary by a few cms depending on the series.

Adult Standing:
8 cm, 12 cm, 16 cm, 40-55 cm

The baby/kids Arpakasso/Alpacasso are basically a bit smaller than the above sizes in terms of height, with the largest size ranging from 30cm to taller.

Like i said though, these are just general sizes. It really depends on the series itself.


8cm Regionals having a photo shoot before a couple friends leave. I wanted to take a bunch of photos coz they are all too adorable. I will definitely miss the ones going to new owners. Still looking for a 8cm Golden Karp to complete my collection ;w;
AND GUYS LOOK I FOUND THE MELON BOY! But my biggest wish is a 16cm or 45cm :’(