Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake

8cm Regionals having a photo shoot before a couple friends leave. I wanted to take a bunch of photos coz they are all too adorable. I will definitely miss the ones going to new owners. Still looking for a 8cm Golden Karp to complete my collection ;w;
AND GUYS LOOK I FOUND THE MELON BOY! But my biggest wish is a 16cm or 45cm :’(

took down the smaller alpacas to dust my shelves 

3 sizes snk. First, 2nd 3rd shipments all arrived (these three sizes only)  All of them hv been packed (6x of them already shipped and the other 4x will go a few hours later) Please visit my shop at if u want one. Shipping is only 2.5usd to 3.5usd ship with air register post include a tracking number ! #alpaca #alpacasso #shingekinokyojin #attackontitan #aot #snk #arpakasso #amuse #cute #kawaii #lovely #plushies #rosy #rosysgarden #rosy61987


Sorry guys.. the things suppose to be shipped today will be shipped tomorrow or the day after tomorrow…(but some of the smaller things are sent because my mum took them to the post office for me)
i hv had a very bad start of the week, there is a sudden lift inspection and maintenance had lasted…

Oh my gosh…..WTF….I’m so sorry Rosy. D: That sounds absolutely horrible!!!! I really hope everything works out for you okay… Let me know if you need anything.

Botan loves Pocky by Christina

Hey looky it’s my old hang out! :) I miss those days~